bud and bug

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fresh and New

My refresh of my bathroom has been in full swing this week and I have loved going to thrift stores, and antique stores to find just the right things to put in it. Suprisingly enough whilst going through the barn I came across some pieces that I turned into an adorable shelf and wall hanging. All the while my husband was looking at me like I was crazy! 

 Hanging on the little gate is the first doily I ever crocheted

I still have a few things left to do but, I just couldn't wait to snap some pictures of it! It has exceded my expectations!  
The weather here has been dreary and rainy and it doesn't look like it is about to stop anytime soon. So today the sun was peeking out and I went for a stroll around the yard and snapped a few pictures of spring!

  Spring always fills me with hope

 Everything is fresh and new

I hope that where ever you are you can stop and enjoy the sign of spring and new beginnings! Until we meet again - Melinda

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Break is over...

Bud and Bug have officially returned back to school and now I can get back into a routine. When they were home I was hard pressed to find the time to post here in blogland. The holiday was wonderful, we had gorgeous weather and I got to spend time with family and friends!!!  I have been working on some small projects and some BIG projects. The small ones are some crochet projects that I am hoping to write patterns for and the BIG one was my bathroom. It got a much needed face lift! My husband dislikes the colors but I am in love with them!!! It's so bright and cheery!

I also ordered some yarn for a granny square baby blanket I am making and I loved three of the five colors. So into the yarn store I went and we all know how that goes! After oogling all the lovely yarn I walked out with two colors that I thought would be perfect! Can you believe it, I only bought what I needed! Anyway, the colors WILL work perfect! I have some squares started and some that are being blocked! I am so giddy about this project! The sun was not out today so my pictures may look dark. I may have to re-shoot these again. 

Loving the combination of colors

It will be a perfect blankie for a baby boy

Here are the new shots I took today while the sun was shining! I have made more progress on the blankie and am learning the join-as-you-go or JAYGO method of joining grannys!! Super easy!!! I suggest you try it.

I love how bright and happy it is....

 I can't wait to see it completed

Friday, April 11, 2014

T-shirt Yarn

Easter break is officially upon us and I am happy to say I finally finished my nieces Easter dress! After buying 5 1/2 yards of lace and sewing it on by hand, this little cutie is done! I can't wait to see her in it!!

 I have also started a new project that involves "tarn". For those of you who don't know that is t-shirt yarn. Who knew....  I found a great tutorial online @ micahmakes.com  for cutting the t-shirts into one long strip and after some practice it works great!! I have found that with the tarn you have to crochet loosely. I am in the process of making a round rug. I didn't find any set pattern, it seems that you just crochet in the round as normal and depending on if the rug is cupping or curling under you increase accordingly or just single crochet. If that makes any sense. It is taking me a little getting used to but I think I am finally on my way.

I love the colors in this one

This one is a bit funky...

I have found this to be a great project while I watch tv.  Until we meet again- Melinda

Monday, April 7, 2014

Painted Upholstery.....WHAT!?!?!

So this past week I got a little side tracked with an unexpected yet satisfying project!! While driving Bug to school I found the cutest upholstered chair on the curb for garbage pick up! It was white and seemed to be in good shape, so i thought to myself, self I'm going to take this home and clean it up so I can put it in my living room! Don't ya know I couldn't get it clean, so after some searching on the internet and Pinterest I found a tutorial on how to paint upholstery with latex or acrylic paint!

 I was a little unsure about how it would turn out but figured what the heck, the chair was free. If it doesn't work out I'll put it out for trash pick up on Monday! Well to my delight it came out beautifully!! 

Unfortunately it really cut into my crocheting time this past week so I'll just have to make up for it this week! I hope I have inspired you to try something new! Until next time -Melinda