bud and bug

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Blankety Ta-dah...

Blankets seem to be the thing I am crocheting a lot of lately! Baby blankets, lapghans and afghans oh my! I have two beauties to show you today. The first is my Trippy Hippie Blanket, this is the blanket I talked about in my last post.

 The other is the Perfectly Pretty Petals Blanket. These two blankets have been gifts so I have not posted any pictures of them!

 I am absolutely in love with this pretty flowery blanket! The edging is of my own design and I have written up a pattern for this beauty. I wanted the edging to mimic the petals of the flower and I love the way it turned out! Hopefully I can get the pattern from paper to my blog soon! Until we meet again

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wonderful vacation

Oh how wonderful it is to be back, I have missed my creative little space! As you well know by my last post the end of July and beginning of August are dreadfully busy for our little family! We have just recently returned from our yearly vacation to Black Lake. It seems a whole other time up there, relaxing by the lake with a coffee or mixed drink in hand, the kids giggling and spending quality time with their cousins, good food, fishing and just enjoying myself ( that means crocheting took place whilst on said trip)! 

The weather this year was a little hit and miss but overall we had a splendid trip! Mr. K. had a dreadful time of it though, he threw his back out two days before we were to leave and then half way through our stay he ended up with two abscessed teeth. He seems to have fully recovered and is back to work. 

I have finished my mile-a-minute lapghan and she is sooooo much fun! Bright cheery colors perfect for a graduated teen! I have also started on yet another baby blanket. Oh my the colors are just divine! I am hoping to have pictures of these two projects edited and ready for my next post! Until we meet again!