bud and bug

Monday, July 14, 2014

Mystery Project Reveal

So excited that I can finally reveal to you my granny square mystery project! I made my sister a lovely purse with those beautiful vintage grannies! It turned out lovely and since she has received it for her birthday I can share it with you!

We've been so busy here in our house that I have had very little time to blog! July is always a hectic month, we have the 4th of July, my nieces birthday, my sisters birthday, my birthday, Bug's birthday, my Dad's birthday, and then we leave for vacation! Oye vay! This year I also decide I was going to participate in our town wide garage sale and get rid of some unwanted items that have been lurking in my basement and closets forever! What an undertaking! However, we had some success and made a little dinero! The three days I spent hosting my sale meant that I was up early and my house work was ignored! My, my it looked as if a BOMB went off!

I spent the good majority of this morning loading up the car and taking the leftover items to our local Salvation Army! I also went and picked up two new camping chairs for Mr. K and myself for our vacation, promptly came home push mowed the trim and then weed whacked! I am exhuasted, maybe a little crocheting is in order for the remainder of the day. Have any of you aver made a mile-a-minute afghan? Well, have chosen a pattern for one and started it the other day. It is for our neighbors daughter as she graduated high school. Did you enjoy making it and was it really that fast?

Friday, July 4, 2014

If we took a holiday.... it would be....it would be so nice.....

The holiday weekend is upon us, Mr K. will be home from work for a whole four days!!! I am looking forward to some barbeque's and fireworks. Here's hoping we don't get rained out again, I would love to try my hand at capturing them on film. I did however FINALLY photograph some lightning. We had an awesome thunderstorm the other night and I was up past midnight trying to get those mysterious bolts of energy on my camera. It's not easy!

After several LONG crochet projects that had wiped me out I returned to my granny stripe afghan. Something easy and familiar was just what I needed. I kept searching for a new project to start and after having a go at a few different projects I just wasn't feeling it. So I returned to my bright and beautiful granny stripe blanket. There is something so calming about that repetitive pattern, to look at the colors one would not think calm. It's growing and hopefully soon it will be finished. Oh I can't wait to wrap myself in her loveliness!

Here's hoping you all have a safe and fun holiday!
As for me and my family we will be spending it with some wonderful friends and I finally get to gift the Lyric Blanket to its intended! I'm so giddy, I hope she likes it!

Until we meet again....

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Nothing Whatsoever

I feel as though I have very little to write about so, I'll just tell you what my little family has been up to these past few days. In my previous post I told you how we were going to the Fireman's Carnival and parade. What a FLOP, the parade was okay but the carnival was underwhelming. They only had four or five rides and a bounce house. One of those rides was an adult ride and all the vendors shut down at 9:00. I was so disappointed, it's pretty sad that my boys wanted to play on the playground there instead. We didn't even attempt to see the fireworks as it was raining. I was so hoping to try my hand at some photos of them!

We have had some really hot and humid weather here lately, Bud and Bug are enjoying being home for summer. They have been playing outside a lot and I have been a little cooped up. My husband came home with a cold and decide to share. Blarf... who gets a cold in the summer? We have had some spectacular sunsets lately and I have tried my hand at photographing them. We have picked some wild strawberries, played Frisbee, and I am enjoying having my boys home.

My mystery project is coming along nicely now that I have my crochet mojo back. Do you ever have times when you just can't get into it? That how it was the past few weeks for me. I think those two blankets just burnt me out. However, I am back a raring to go..... we'll see what I create! I will not be able to share with you the finished photos of the mystery project as it is a special someones birthday gift. I would hate to spoil the surprise,so you'll just have to wait. Sorry. Until we meet again....