bud and bug

Sunday, March 30, 2014

What a crazy week....

 I caught the bug that has been going around and I feel as though my head is HUGE balloon!!! I did however find a little time to do some crocheting. I found some really great spring-like patterns and fit them to my needs. My little bunny garland turned out oh so sweet, but I think these little guys need some fluffy tails! I do so love the colors!

Lately I have found that I want, no I need color in my life.

I think it stems from this "too long" winter that we have had. Yes my friends, it is the end of March and we have been hit with another round of snow(and ICE)!!! What a mess!! 

I hope spring has found it's way to all of your homes and hope that soon it will find it's way to mine!
Until we meet again- Melinda

Thursday, March 20, 2014

So many things to crochet, so little time

I have FINALLY completed my heating pad cover! Look at that little beauty!  It feels like it took a lifetime for such a little project!!

Bud and Bug seemed pleased with it as well.

 It turned out EXACTLY like I wanted it too!

I am also 3/4 of the way done with my nieces Easter dress, however we have a setback with that. Looks like I will be on the hunt for more lace. After buying all the lace the fabric store had that I liked, I started pinning it to the dress and I am 6 inches too short! Argh!!! I may have to drive in towards the mall . I hate driving all the way there for lace but as none of the stores around here carry a large variety of lace I guess that's what I may have to do! I have also started on a granny square cushion. There are so many things I want to crochet but so little time!

Recently I have bee n giving a lot of thought to color and what combinations work best. So I went back through some old pictures looking for some color inspiration.

This blue sky and colored balloons makes me feel so HAPPY....

It seems to me that nature really 
inspires me..

What wonderful pops of color against the blue sky ..

Hope you all have a wonderful day! Until we meet again- Melinda

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Yummy yarn

So after dropping Bug off to school this morning and doing all my chores I stopped by the yarn store! It was such a lovely day to be out! I must say I feel a bit like an addict when I walk into the yarn store!! I just want it all!!! Unfortunately my pocket book is not fat enough! SIGH. Oh well I did however purchase some yummy yarn, my fav being the baby alpaca with gold shimmer in it! Oh what to create with that beautiful        yarn.     


 I also picked up some very pretty light pink, lipstick red and a washed out blue and I have images of a cushion of some sort in my head!  

The last one I bought was a lovely gray, black, white and magenta variegated!! I am think some type of infinity scarf. 


I have several WIP's going right now and I am so close to finishing my heating pad cover! So far it has turned out exactly like I wanted it to! Hoooray, that seldom happens! I always seem to have a vision of how I want things to be and very seldom does it work up exactly like I planned in my head!!  With all these new yarns the ideas are just floating around in my head. Time to put those ideas into reality. Until we meet again- Melinda

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Top O' The Mornin"

Top O' the mornin' lads and lassies!  I have been trying to find a wee pattern for a crocheted shamrock., after much searching, pinning and trying different patterns I was not satisfied with the results of any o' the patterns I found!  Blimey!!! So here it is folks my second pattern and I am sooo happy with it!!! Hope you all enjoy crocheting these little beauties!!! They are so easy and quick!

Worsted weight yarn
Size 5.50 mm hook
Tapestry needle for sewing in the ends

Magic Ring (If unsure how to do this youtube.com has some wonderful tutorials)

Rnd 1-Ch 1, sc into magic ring,* ch 3 sc*, repeat from * to * 2 more times, turn

Rnd 2- Sl st into the first ch 3 space, *dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc,* sc repeat from * to * once more end with sl stitch all in ch 3 space. (You have made the first of three leaves on your shamrock) Repeat again in the other two ch 3 spaces. (Now all your leaves are finished) Ch 8 sl stitch into 2nd chain from hook and all remaining chains, sl stitch into first ch 3 loop. Pull magic ring closed. Fasten off and sew in all ends.

As always if you have any questions regarding the pattern leave me a comment and I will get back to you.
                                                          Until we meet again- Melinda

Monday, March 3, 2014

Oh Granny...

So if you all remember I have been working on a beautiful granny stripe blanket for myself!!! It is coming along wonderfully and colorfully!!!  Well don't ya know our new dog yesterday chewed a hole in it!!! AHHHHH....... I thought I was gonna die! Of course it couldn't be in a spot where I could just rip out a few rows, no! There were 12 rows completed after that bugger of a hole!! Not to worry.... I just dug out my yarn and needle and did some repair work!!! Darn it though, the blanket isn't even completed yet!!!  After repairing the hole I decided since I already have my needle in hand I might as well start tackling the ever dreaded sewing in of the ends!!!

The weather has been bitter and it is making me long for warm and sunny days!!!! Spring will be here before we know it friends, just hang in there a little longer!!!!  I have had some crochet project ideas spinning around in my head and I am thinking i need to tackle some of those!!!  One of them being a cover for my husband's Grandma's electrical heating pad!!! The cover on it is grungy and old!!! So keep your eyes peeled for some new projects and possibly I will try my hand at some more pattern writing!!! Until we meet again-Melinda