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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Udder Madness

As some of you may know two years ago my husband and I inherited two heifer calves after our dear friend Rick passed unexpectedly. Well, since then we have put up a barn of our own, had the heifers ( or as we refer to them "Our Girls" ) bred, got a milking set up in place etc

. Well last week, a whole week and a half early we welcomed our first little heifer calf to the farm. After much thought I named her Annabelle.

                                           She is a doll and I love feeding her her bottle!

 However, the craziness of milking regularly has over taken our home! What are we to do with all that milk, how do I make butter and cheese, do we just dump the excess milk, plus a whole slew of other things has surfaced. Teaching a first time heifer to get accustomed to a milking machine has been my husbands chore and definitely a painful one on occasion.  I must say though that with all the madness going on around here this last week I have enjoyed most of it tremendously!
I have successfully made two small batches of butter and buttermilk. I also attempted farmers cheese ( it could use a little more flavor). 

Just think we get to experience this all again in a week or so! Our other cow Lucy is due with her first calf.  Life is definitely busy these days! Until we meet again...



Friday, September 2, 2016

Back At It....

Hello there my lovelies, it has been a while. I took an extended break from blogging and pursued some other things since last I wrote. Unfortunately, life has a way of always changing and evolving. These things didn't pan out quite as I hoped. Oh well, onward and upward. So here I am back in the realm of blog land. Crochet has always been a creative way for me to work out some frustrations, anxieties etc. It is one of my favorite things to do really. So I have written up a new pattern for just this occasion. a lovely little earwarmer. It is a very basic pattern, great for a beginner or a quick project for the skilled crocheter.  As all patterns must have names this one is called "Maeve".


My lovely sister modeled for me. This pattern uses Caron simply soft yarn ( I choose the color Bone) and a 5mm hook

Chain 76, join with the first chain you made

Row 1- Hdc in same stitch and each stitch around

Row 2-10 - ch1 Hdc in BACK LOOPS ONLY

Fasten off leaving a 6-8' tail . Where your seam is from joining each row gather and take you long tail and wrap around several times. Fasten off, weave in all ends and embellish with a button. My button came from my antique button collection

I hope you enjoy this adorable pattern! Until we meet again.