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Friday, September 2, 2016

Back At It....

Hello there my lovelies, it has been a while. I took an extended break from blogging and pursued some other things since last I wrote. Unfortunately, life has a way of always changing and evolving. These things didn't pan out quite as I hoped. Oh well, onward and upward. So here I am back in the realm of blog land. Crochet has always been a creative way for me to work out some frustrations, anxieties etc. It is one of my favorite things to do really. So I have written up a new pattern for just this occasion. a lovely little earwarmer. It is a very basic pattern, great for a beginner or a quick project for the skilled crocheter.  As all patterns must have names this one is called "Maeve".


My lovely sister modeled for me. This pattern uses Caron simply soft yarn ( I choose the color Bone) and a 5mm hook

Chain 76, join with the first chain you made

Row 1- Hdc in same stitch and each stitch around

Row 2-10 - ch1 Hdc in BACK LOOPS ONLY

Fasten off leaving a 6-8' tail . Where your seam is from joining each row gather and take you long tail and wrap around several times. Fasten off, weave in all ends and embellish with a button. My button came from my antique button collection

I hope you enjoy this adorable pattern! Until we meet again. 

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