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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Udder Madness

As some of you may know two years ago my husband and I inherited two heifer calves after our dear friend Rick passed unexpectedly. Well, since then we have put up a barn of our own, had the heifers ( or as we refer to them "Our Girls" ) bred, got a milking set up in place etc

. Well last week, a whole week and a half early we welcomed our first little heifer calf to the farm. After much thought I named her Annabelle.

                                           She is a doll and I love feeding her her bottle!

 However, the craziness of milking regularly has over taken our home! What are we to do with all that milk, how do I make butter and cheese, do we just dump the excess milk, plus a whole slew of other things has surfaced. Teaching a first time heifer to get accustomed to a milking machine has been my husbands chore and definitely a painful one on occasion.  I must say though that with all the madness going on around here this last week I have enjoyed most of it tremendously!
I have successfully made two small batches of butter and buttermilk. I also attempted farmers cheese ( it could use a little more flavor). 

Just think we get to experience this all again in a week or so! Our other cow Lucy is due with her first calf.  Life is definitely busy these days! Until we meet again...



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