bud and bug

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Snow, Snow and More Snow

Oh the weather outside is frightful.... and it really has put me in a holiday sort of mood! Bud and Bug have been home from school for three days now! We have done some holiday crafts, watched some Christmas movies and I have been whipping up some wonderful ornaments and cutting out paper snowflakes! I absolutely adore them! I know, you may think it's a bit early to be in a festive mood but this snow has just brought it out! Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday and I can't say that I mind starting to celebrate it a bit early! 

We have not had the snow totals that north of us got, but it has been blustery and quite dreadful when I have to take the pooch out to do her business. North of us has 6 ft of snow in two days and my hubby was stranded at work for two whole days! Boy how I missed him and the boys were absolutely miserable without him here! It does however look gorgeous out there as long as I can appreciate it from inside my snug little house! 

I am working on some wintery cowl projects, my nephews afghan, some boot toppers and just some other little bits! I am trying out some super bulky yarn with metallic threads through it and it looks just stunning! hopefully when we meet again I will have some pictures of the finished project!