bud and bug

Friday, June 27, 2014

Schools out for summer.....

It is the third day of summer vacation for Bud and Bug and I find myself childless. They spent the night at Dida and Poppy's. What am I to do with myself? Well, the possibilities are endless! I cut up some vintage curtains to work on a crocheted rug, ate breakfast, hung out laundry, and took a nap. It's not even noon yet and I find myself just feeling so lazy. Maybe after I finish my post I will take a shower uninterrupted and yes ladies, have time to shave my legs!  

Yesterday was a wonderful day spent with my family at my parents house. All my nieces and nephews were there along with both of my sisters. It was a just a lovely day! The adults sat around and caught up on life and just enjoyed being with one another. Bud and Bug did some swimming, hiking and playing with their cousins. My Dad got my old bike up and running, Bud just loved riding it! I can't believe that it's still kicking, it was old when I rode it! 

My parents land is just so beautiful, I think of it as "the homestead". My Dad plants a garden BIG enough for ten families, there is an apple and fruit orchard, a pond and creek, an herb garden, along with my mother's lovely flower gardens! My parents just recently built a coop and have quite a few chickens. Bud and Bug adore them!

This evening it's off to the parade and fireman's carnival, we have done this since Bud and Bug were babies and they just love it! For now though I think I will spend the rest of my "time off" to do what I want, even if that includes being lazy! Until we meet again.

Monday, June 23, 2014


The Lyric Baby Blanket is complete!! I am so giddy over it, the colors are perfect! It's everything I wanted it to be and more! I just adore granny squares, I seem to have quite a fetish with them at the moment. For a person who hates sewing in ends this blanket has been quite an accomplishment! It seems tiny but so much works goes into these granny square projects. 

My Pinterest board is full of such projects but in the past I have avoided the granny. These projects are quite lovely to look at and the color combinations are amazing I just seem to start these projects with gusto and then by the end I really am tired of it! Those bothersome ends! Until we meet again!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Oh Happy Day....

Ever just wake up and get that feeling that today is going to be a great day! Well I did this morning! It just seems to be the little things that make me happy. My fresh cup of coffee in my favorite floral travel mug, the smell of a warm morning, sunshine, blooms in the garden and knowing today is Friday! My slate is full, but yet somehow I feel chipper this morning. There is the always dreaded mountain of laundry, vacuum needs to be run, dusting etc. The list goes on but it's not getting me down today! 

Last night I made up Bug and Buds teacher appreciation gifts and they turned out just darling! Pat on the back to me! 

It's been a fairly creative week, not so much with yarn as my crochet mojo has run away! I did however re-purpose a shelf that my grandfather made into a shoe rack by the front door. Still sewing in those ends on my two almost finished crochet projects. Until we meet again.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Lordy, Lordy.....

My house is an absolute mess and I forgot to pick up Bug's friend this morning. I am supposed to pick him up on Monday's and take him to school and drop him off. Like a nitwit I forgot, duh! Then I went to the gas pump, turned the car off and guess what, another thing forgotten this morning. My purse, can't get gas for free.  After a rough start to this Monday morning things have a improved a little! The sun is glorious today and I am almost finished with my latest project. This cute little table that used to belong to my mother. I stripped it down, it has received a thorough sanding, a coat of antique white on the legs and all that is left is the oil finish. I just adore her, yes it's a her. She is just too cute to be a him! 

 Unfortunately, my crochet projects are on hiatus for now. I'm just not feeling it! I think that's because the two projects I have got going are at the point where I must sew in ends. Ugh....I despise that part. One of them is the Lyric baby blanket from my previous post and boy are there a lot of ends to sew in! The other is my granny square mystery project, must sew in ends before I block them I tell myself. Honestly, it is my least favorite part of crocheting. I just dread it!

The weather is having it's ups and downs. Saturday it was a high of 57 and today it's in the 80's! Mother nature needs to make up her mind! How am I supposed to dress? One day it's long sleeves the next it's shorts and a tank. So odd! Here's hoping that wherever you are you are enjoying the day no matter what the weather!

 Until we meet again. <3

Monday, June 9, 2014

Busy, Busy....

Another crazy, busy, wonderful, sunny weekend is behind us! Is this how our summer is going to be? I am hoping that once the boys are done with school the pace will slow down a bit. We were invited to three birthday parties this weekend, another festival, a parade and caught up with some great friends we have not seen in a while. Whew.... I am starting to get things together for our town wide garage sale next month and boy do I have some work ahead of me there. Decisions, decisions. 

I started a new crochet project and I am going to keep you all guessing as to what it is. I am using Berracco's Vintage yarn in light pink, light blue, navy, red, off white, and mint. This yarn is a bit pricey but it feels great slipping through your hands. I find myself obsessed with granny squares lately, the possibilities with these little beauties are endless. I think that's why I like them so much. I found two great fabrics that have a vintage vibe about them so I bought 1/2 a yard of each. I am a little skeptical of this project because I have never done this before. I am hoping it will turn out all right. We'll see. What do you think it's going to be?

The yarn for my latest baby blanket finally came in the mail! Wahoo... all the crocheting is done and now I am working on the tedious task of sewing in all the ends. I am terrible about doing this as I go, and then it seems like a momentous task to do it all at the end. Note to self, next project with grannies, sew in all ends before blocking them! I have decided to call this blanket the Lyric Baby Blanket, who knows I may even write up a pattern for it!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Until we meet again...

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Flyin' By

It's hard to believe the week is almost over! I feel like as I get older (not that I think of myself as old) time just seems to whizz by! With our crazy warm weather schedule it seems to go even faster! School will be coming to an end shortly! Bud is moving up from Kindergarten and Bug is graduating Pre-K! Where did my babies go? 

This week I have baked a bit! I made a really delicious crock-pot banana bread! Yum-Yum, it turned out wonderful! Nice and moist and it was gone in a day and a half! I have also made two strawberry rhubabrb pies, the hubby's favorite! Bud and Bug seem to have huge appetites lately. Probably from all that playing outside in the fresh air!

I have started on Bud's blanket! I chose bright bold colors and paired it with two neutrals, grey and white! It's just a basic granny square connected using the jay-go or join as you go method! I tried this method on a baby blanket not too long ago( still waiting on the yarn I order to finish this said baby blanket) and loved how easy and quick it was! It is not part of my go to join methods! If you've never tried it give it a whirl! Youtube and Pinterest have some wonderful tutorials!

The bit of rain we had has made my garden burst! We have also been observing some wildlife in our backyard!

Hoping you have a wonderful day!