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Monday, July 6, 2015

School's Out for Summer

Hello there... How are you all doing? I am as busy as ever, our new barn project is under way and we are at the end of a the school year.  Bug has graduated from Kindergarten and Bud is moving up to second grade in the fall! How time flies! With the end of school coming up I always like to make  Bud and Bug's teachers and bus driver a little something. This year I saw these cute little pencil signs on Pinterest, I thought they were just darling. I decided to make them for their teacher's. I have also seen the boys bus driver out getting coffee several times and I crocheted up an adorable coffee cup cozy for her.

The weather here has been MISERABLE!!!! Rain for days with only a day or two in between with sunshine! The temperatures have been okay, so at least it's not cold too! Our garden has been flooded a bit this year and all the heavy rain has pummeled some of our plants. I have a feeling our garden will not produce a whole lot this year, I hope I am wrong! The other night as I was sitting and watching some television I looked out and the sky was a very interesting shade of peachy orange. I thought to myself I should go get some pictures, as I was snapping away I turned around and there was a beautiful rainbow! Upon further inspection the faintest line of another rainbow appeared! Oh my, it was amazing! So I  tried my hand at a few different photo options on my camera.

Yesterday we had a break in the weather and my eldest sister and I took our kids for a hike! It's wonderful having such an amazing park five minutes from my house! Marlee Moo went with us (for those of you who don't know she is our 1 year old golden retriever) and she enjoyed it immensely! We got home and she was tuckered out! So was I truth be told but, I pressed on and got three loads of laundry done and pegged out on the line. Go me!

I have started fiddling around with tapestry crochet, have you tried it?  It is addicting, more on that another time. Have a lovely day!

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